Local dentist office Schererville IN

Local Dentist Office Schererville IN

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Teeth bridges in Schererville IN

Local dentist office Schererville IN
Local dentist office Schererville IN

If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth that need to be replaced, you should visit our dental practice, Michael A Gordon DDS. At our local dentist office Schererville IN, our expert dentist, Dr. Michael A. Gordon, can provide you with a dental bridge or even a dental implant to replace the missing teeth.

At our local dentist office Schererville IN, a patient can get a teeth bridge that is either fixed or removable. A fixed dental bridge is made up of a replacement tooth which is surrounded on either side by a porcelain crown. The crown is made to cover each of the adjacent teeth so that the replacement tooth is actually held between the two crowns that are fixed or permanent teeth. This type of tooth replacement is permanently attached to your teeth and will not be removed. You will be able to eat anything you want in total comfort, and your clear speech will not be affected. And since the dental bridge is made to perfectly color-match the adjacent teeth, no one will ever know that you have it in your mouth. Dental bridges can also be removable. A removable bridge is actually another name for a partial or full denture. Partial dentures are made to replace many missing teeth, but they will also be made to fit around permanent teeth which are still remaining in your mouth. These partial dentures will help to keep the permanent teeth healthy since they will keep the permanent teeth from being able to move around while you eat. Full dentures will replace a full arch of teeth. Today, dental implants can also be used to support dental bridges, or as individual tooth replacements. Our dentist will be happy to discuss different tooth replacement options with you, and let you know which type of tooth replacement method should work best for you.

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