Pediatric dentist in Schererville

Pediatric Dentist in Schererville

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Pediatric dental exams and cleanings in Schererville

Pediatric dentist in Schererville
Pediatric dentist in Schererville

Dental exams and cleanings on a six month schedule put the odds in your child’s favor for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. At the office of Michael A. Gordon DDS, we are committed to friendly, patient, gentle care so that your child will feel comfortable and at ease here. By making sure of that, we know that he or she will be more willing to make the visit.

For her or his first dental exam and cleaning, we’ll take a little time for your child to become familiar with our staff and our pediatric dentist in Schererville. Getting to know what equipment and instruments are for also reduces the mystery and makes what might otherwise be anxious moments into ones that are more relaxed. After doing a physical examination and visual inspection of your child’s teeth, x-rays are taken to get a look at what is going on inside those teeth. Are there any small cavities? If so, a filling from our pediatric dentist in Schererville is exactly the right strategy to head off potential toothaches and infections before they have a chance to develop. Keep in mind that his or her primary (baby) teeth are supposed to fall out on a schedule, and anything that interferes with that time frame can cause problems. That especially means teeth that have to come out ahead of their schedule. Teeth cleanings are essential for the elimination of tartar buildup along with any residual plaque still on and between teeth and at the gum line. And as an added bonus, if any signs of early stage gum disease are present, you can rely on a cleaning to reverse them.

Contact our office right now and we will set up a time for you to come in with your child for an examination and cleaning from our pediatric dentist in Schererville. Her or his oral health is too important not to.

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