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Dental exams in Schererville

Getting regular dental exams and professional cleanings are both very important parts of obtaining optimal oral health. If you generally in good health and have good oral health, you should get dental exams and professional teeth cleanings twice a year. More frequent visits would be necessary if you have certain oral health conditions or medical problems. If it’s been more than six months since you’re last dental visit, we highly recommend that you set up an appointment with our professional Schererville dentist, Michael A. Gordon, DDS for a thorough dental exam and a professional cleaning with one of our outstanding dental hygienists.

When you come to our office for your first visit with us, our exceptional Schererville dentist, Dr. Gordon, will perform a thorough oral examination. Your initial oral examination is extremely important in establishing your oral health baseline. It will include: an oral cancer screening, a periodontal examination, an analysis of your bite (occlusion), and a thorough examination of your teeth and their supporting structures. Dr. Gordon will discuss your oral health with you and will make recommendations based on his findings. You will have the opportunity to ask questions that Dr. Gordon will take the time to answer. He will also listen to you and address any concerns you might have.

When you choose our professional Schererville dentist, Michael A Gordon, DDS, you’re making a wise decision. Dr. Gordon is a professional, friendly, experienced dentist who has been providing patients with exceptional dental care for over 25 years. Dr. Gordon believes that continuing education is a necessity. He consistently participates in approximately 100 continuing education classes each year. He is a member of numerous professional organizations and has served as President of the Indiana Academy of General Dentistry and Peer Review Chairman for the Northwest Indiana Dental Association. Dr. Gordon offers a full array of professional dental service for patients of all ages. He’s able to handle the dental health care needs of your entire family. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Gordon. One of our friendly associates would be happy to help you.

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