Schererville Toothache

Schererville Toothache

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Treating Toothaches in Schererville

Chances are that the first thing you think of when you get pain in your tooth is not why it happened, but what can you do about it. It is the job of our dentist, Michael A. Gordon DDS, however, to find out the source so that the applicable treatment can be taken care of. And while there are some more rare reasons that could be behind your Schererville toothache, such as a gum or jaw issue, by far the majority of the time it’s one of a few common causes.

Typically, your Schererville toothache indicates that there is a breach in your tooth’s protective barriers, which are comprised by your enamel and dentin layers. When that occurs, the delicate pulp and nerve inside are exposed. And with that exposure is usually pain. It might be dental decay that has formed a cavity, or an older cavity whose filling has come loose or even fallen out. Chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth also open up your tooth to harm. All of the above, though, also put you at risk for an infection. If bacteria gets inside the tooth, the pulp may be compromised. Among the possible symptoms are pain when you put pressure on the tooth or chew with it, sensitivity to hot and cold items (including liquids), gum tenderness, tooth discoloration, and swelling. So while a cavity (old or new) or a damaged tooth may only need a filling or crown respectively, the infection means root canal therapy, a non-surgical procedure that may take multiple sessions to complete.

The more quickly you act to have your Schererville toothache addressed by our dentist, the less likely an infection is to occur, and the more likely it is that the results will be positive. Contact us immediately to schedule a prompt appointment.

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